Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Disney: Day One

Writing about the most magical vacation we have ever been on is hard to do.  It is hard to find a starting point.  It is hard to make it all seem as grand as it truly was.  It is not true writers block, but more writer’s fear.  Fear I won’t portray the memories in a way that will seal them in us forever.

Mallory set out to journal her trip memories on one of her tiny travel notebooks.  As she recalled each detail and wrote them out so carefully, I knew I had to use her memories and notes to remember our trip.  Her words, exactly as seen on paper are in italics.  My thoughts follow as I see fit…

On Monday me, Mikayla, mom and dad went to Disny wrold.  We went to the airport. When we got on the airplain my mom gave me a  coloring book to color with.  I colored a picture of Miney!  Then I made a necalis
(necklace) out of froot loops. Then finally we landed in Florida.  Then we tuck a bus to are resort. When we got there we went in the loby. In the loby a artist was teching how to draw Pluto (and seriously, she drew the “o” in Pluto with a dog print. lovethiskid).  After I was don we went to see the pool. Then we went to are room.  After that we went to Magic Kingdom!! We woched the parade and firewerks. We were egsastad (exhausted).

She summed it up pretty well! She missed the part in between arriving at Magic Kingdom and the next four hours-but we have to cut her some slack as I am sure it all was a blur of magical amazement. We walked about a 1/4th of the park to get our bearings as the next day we would be spending a full day at the Kingdom. We saw a show in front of the castle within the first 10 minutes of arriving. The kids saw all the characters and watched with mouths wide open. We had dinner at the park and watched the electrical parade and a bit of the fireworks before heading back to the hotel where we promptly all passed out from exhaustion.

Florida Bound!

So many airplane activities! Decorating clipboards, coloring, necklace making, playing with toys, eating snacks, reading books, asking a million questions…finally on the ground.


First addition to the Disney autograph book was
the 1st officer and the pilot, sitting in the cockpit, of course!


Learning to draw Pluto (Art of Animation Resort).

15 minute bus ride on the way to Magic Kingdom was just long enough to grab a catnap.

Walking down Main Street we saw our first glimpse of the castle.  I don’t know how many times I told Brent that it looked fake.  It seemed like a poster backdrop. It was beautiful.


Stage show outside of the castle.  The kids watched with wide open mouths.


   It wouldn’t be a Disney trip without a set of Minnie ears for the kids.

And we wouldn’t be the parents we are without trying them on to see how we look!


Views of the Electrical parade and the castle lit up for the night.

     P1130629   P1130634

How lucky are we?  The two of them in front of the parade.  They were mesmerized and locked arm in arm or hand in hand the entire time.  Look closely at Mallory’s mouth.  They also spent the majority of the parade waving at the characters as they passed by.

How did I not know this place was so great??


Day one also held our first encounter with the “meet and greet”.  We were lucky enough to catch three princesses and Mickey himself.  Those pictures will come when I get our Disney Photo CD in the mail.

More to come with Day 2!

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Molly said...

Looks and sounds like a fabulous day one at Disney!! Can't wait for your next posts on the rest of your trip!