Thursday, November 29, 2012


     Mallory has been asking if we can have the coveted “Elf On A Shelf” this year.  Something strikes me wrong when a commercialized product that is supposed to be magic, can just be picked up at Target down the street. She wrote a letter to Santa weeks ago asking if they could have an elf, so I knew we had to buy into it… However, I also knew I could come up with something that would make our Elf just a little bit different than the typical EOS.  Off to Target I scampered and $29.95 later I walked out with Elf.  I had my “Ah Ha” moment when I picked up the box off the shelf and knew this Elf, would be Brightwing, brought to life.  Now, I was excited.  I got home, gently took him from the box and secretly went about my ways embellishing our Brightwing.  I had some help from my neighbor Debbie and when it was all said and done we both thought he was the cutest little elf. 

      Mallory was all a twitter about; when, where, and how her Elf would appear.  I knew that he would make his appearance when he brought our Christmas books on this, his 4th year visiting us.

     When the kids were snuggled fast asleep in bed, Brent and I went about our Brightwing Business. We placed him high up on the mantel as we weren’t sure if Mikayla would understand that this elf was magic, not to be touched or he would have to return to Santa’s workshop until next year.  We went to bed with the same excitement we do on Christmas Eve…

     When the girls woke up and saw that the books were here!  ELF ON OUR SHELF!!!  Mallory quickly handed me the note that Brightwing had left stating “I am way too excited to read!  You need to read it!”  It was a huge success and they were both thrilled. 

           P1130507     P1130512

Mallory and Mikayla! 


Happy Christmas season to you both! Wow are we going to have fun this year!  First of all, here are your Christmas books from years past.  Holy Moly you guys have a lot of books. Poor Dancer had some trouble getting his hooves off the ground—it was heavy!   You know I’ve been delivering Christmas books to you guys for years, and this year we are adding something extra special!  Mallory, Santa received the letter you sent to the North Pole asking for an Elf to come to your house this year.  What a better Elf to fill the role, than ME!  Brightwing!  I am so glad you guys get to finally see what I look like!  What do you think of my fancy wings?  Pretty neat, aren’t they! Now usually, us elves from the North Pole come in a nice little box—but seeing as I had to deliver all these books to you on my first night, I couldn’t bring the box along.  I was able to bring a brand new book along…it’s all about my job as your “House Elf”.  I would love for you to read it aloud to me so I can hear it. Not only do I love the story—it’s about me and all my friends!  I also love listening to you read.  You are doing such a great job in school! We, up in the North Pole, are so proud of you!

My job is very very important.  I am here to watch and make sure that you both are good little girls leading up to Christmas Eve.  I will swiftly fly off to the North Pole each night to report the day’s events to Santa.  He will be eager to hear of all the good things you have been up to.  Each morning I will be hiding in a brand new place!  It will be a fun game to play!! 
Just wait and see what I have in store for you…

      Remember, as much as I would LOVE a hug from you both, I cannot be touched.  All of my magic would be wiped away and I would have to return
to the North Pole for good.

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