Monday, July 16, 2012

Slip N Slide

Weeeeee!  Brent had a great idea (and a pocket full of money) so he went to Target and bought a Slip N Slide for the girls.  $5.00 later he came home, hooked up the hose, and the fun started.

Of course Brent had to try it out.  Once again, he had just as much fun as the girls.

2012-07-12 001 001
2012-07-12 001 004  2012-07-12 001 009

2012-07-12 001 010
Mikayla was pretty timid with the slide.  The water shot up too high and she was too young to understand to run and flop on the slippery surface.  Brent tried to get her into it, but she was not having it. 
2012-07-12 001 005

We lowered the water, gave her some time and, in true Mikayla fashion, when she was ready, she did it! 

2012-07-12 001 015  2012-07-12 001 016

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