Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Pop some corn

Some days you just need to take your four year old (If you don’t have a preschooler, you should borrow one.  You can use mine at a really cheap price. In fact, I am pretty sure you could pay her in m&m’s or bedtime stories). Anyway, you should take a four year old, find a real popcorn popper, make some popcorn, and watch their face light up. 

At the end of a long cold day last week, Mallory took a bubbly tubby and then we made a date to pop some corn and watch a movie.  Don’t tell Mikayla but the date was made for after her bedtime, just so I could have some snuggle time with Mallory.

What a great way to end a long day… 





That whole " wonder and awe” thing is still very much alive in this house…

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Abbie said...

Ohh she is just too cute!! I wish I could go back to having the excitement of a little girl. No worries, just fun!