Friday, July 13, 2012

Six and a half on the day of fireworks

Remember when you were little and you counted your age by quarters, halves, fractions of twelfths, all the way until you got to your birthday?  Mallory is right there…asking when her 1/2 birthday is, wondering how old she is “now” (She can’t possibly still be 6.5 if she was 6.5 exactly one week ago).  She is one lucky kid getting to celebrate her true half-birthday on the 4th of July.  She was ecstatic to get to watch real fireworks on the actual big day.

The weather was oppressive this year.  It was miserable, even in the shade. Once the clock reached 10:30 am and the temp gauge said 92, we were forced inside our air-conditioned house.  We had a few neighbors over for an afternoon barbeque and then we had a personal fireworks display put on by Matthew and Megan, our teenage neighbors.  Mallory had a front row spot for the birthday fireworks and she beamed.

2012-07-04 001 021   2012-07-04 001 015 

2012-07-04 001 039

Earlier in the day we attempted to cool off with a water balloon fight.  It was fun, short lived, and unfortunately did not cool any of us off.

Mikayla found it easier to empty the basket.  Her throws (though wicked) weren’t enough to break the water balloons. 

2012-07-04 001 004  2012-07-04 001 009

Mallory tossing a balloon at Megan—Watch out Mallory!!  I am pretty sure her feet and skirt got wet from that blue balloon. 
2012-07-04 001 001

2012-07-04 001 007

As night set we quickly realized we could see several neighboring city shows. Perched a top the best seat in the driveway, Mallory had a great view. 

2012-07-04 001 043

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