Friday, July 6, 2012

Jovle’s and Sandy Lake 2012

As tradition holds Justin and Kristen headed up to Sandy Lake for a weekend away.  The best part of the 2012 trip was Sienna’s attendance!  It was her first trip up to the Lake and I think can safely speak for her in saying she loved it.  She is a true water baby.  She dumped, poured, scooped, and slid for hours and wanted more when her time was up. 

We managed to squeak out a handful of beautiful days.  Kristen put some great pictures on her blog…check them out!  My favorites are; the two younger kids shoving s’mores into their faces, Mallory sliding off the end of the dock, and Sienna takes on the life jacket.  

2012-06-28 001 007

We always do a good job of eating really really well on this weekend. 
Justin introduced Mallory to the pudgy pie.  She thought it was delicious. 
2012-06-28 001 008

Relaxing and reading before bedtime. 
Three tired and barely dry from playing in the lake right up until bedtime, little girls. 
2012-06-29 001 002

Brent, the girls, and I came a few days early and enjoyed some extra nice weather.  The girls cannot get enough of Sandy Lake this year. 
2012-06-28 001 006

Nap time…swimsuits in the sun to dry and a quiet cabin.
2012-06-28 001 005

Mallory swam and swam for hours on end.  At one point we grabbed a plastic bowling pin and threw it out into the water.  I joked to Brent that we were playing fetch with our six year old.  She could not get enough of the water…
2012-06-28 001 002

Mikayla and Mommy go tubing!  Don’t be fooled—I lasted about 100 yards in the tube and had Brent cut the motor.  The tube was taking on water and feared for my child’s life (the irrational sort of way).  Brent hopped on the tube and I took them 1/2 way around the lake and we called Mikayla’s first tube ride over.  She kept yelling “FASTER FASTER!”  However when asked if she wanted to go again, she quickly said “Nope.” 
2012-06-27 001 003

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