Sunday, July 1, 2012

Kid at Heart

We gave Brent three Father’s Day presents this year.  A gift for himself and personal time-a new putter.  A gift for family time-a grill roaster for corn on the cob (let’s hope the garden produces some corn).

And the third gift, a gift for fun with the kids:

2012-06-25 002 013

2012-06-25 002 014

2012-06-25 002 004

2012-06-25 002 017

2012-06-25 002 001

Truly a kid at heart, Brent plays hard.  They loaded up the water guns one afternoon after work and the three of them set free to the backyard.  Mallory needed no teaching.  She filled it up, pumped the pressure handle and squirted her dad as quickly as she could.  Mikayla needed a few lessons, needed help pumping to get water pressure, used two hands and then was able to aim and shoot right at her dad. All three of them loved every single minute of the game.

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