Saturday, May 19, 2012

Seven Days

My absence from my memory keeping can best be described in a busy seven days worth of pictures.  Many pictures, few words.

Day One
We took our naked dirt and dressed it with seeds.  I would like to say it was a Norman Rockwell moment as both kids were completely enthralled with the process, but that would be a total lie.  They loved planting the potatoes, were sort of impressed with the pumpkins, and had lost all interest by the time we put the cucumber seeds in the garden.  We ended the dirty day in the garden with a sticky smores.  Nothing says the end of a busy day with dirty knees and sticky cheeks.

2012-05-09 001 001
2012-05-09 001 003
2012-05-09 001 006
Day Two
Mallory and Kit attended a Birthday Party for our favorite neighbor Julia.  We spent the rest of the afternoon planting 15 tomato plants and 7 pepper plants into our garden.

2012-05-12 001 003
Day Three
Mother’s Day.  Brent gave me a beautiful bouquet of flowers, Mikayla made a handprint picture at school, and Mallory put together a book of reasons she loves her mom.  If you click on only one picture to enlarge it, you should choose the written story by Mallory.  Nothing says love quite like a Kindergartner…
 2012-05-13 001 003
      2012-05-13 001 004   2012-05-13 001 005

Day Four

The weather continued to be amazing.  Mikayla and I had a picnic.  We shared our backyard space with our turkey friend, who we have named Pearl.  She has no fear of us and sometimes comes a little too close for comfort.  As soon as Mikayla saw Pearl, she slammed her sandwich down and asked “Momma, I hug dat turkey?”  

  2012-05-14 001 002 2012-05-14 001 008

Day Five
Mallory had her very first T-ball game of the season.  Not sure why they call it T-Ball when the coaches are attempting to pitch the girls.  Coach pitch!?!  Seriously.

2012-05-15 001 002
Day Six
Mikayla proved she knows how to pedal.  I say it this way, because up until today she almost always refused to put her feet on the pedals.  On day six, she put her feet on the pedals and off she went.

2012-05-16 002 004

Brent also brought home a foam bat with wiffle balls for Mikayla to practice T-ball.  Having her bat right handed proved difficult and when we switched her to the left side, she wacked the ball, seemingly effortlessly.  Do we have a lefty?

2012-05-16 001 002

Day Seven
The best day of the week.  We surprised the girls by taking them to Water Park of America for the afternoon.  Picking Mallory up unexpectedly is always fun.  She was giddy with excitement… She climbed up and went down slides with zero fear.  She loved it.  Mikayla was timid for the first few minutes and clung to Brent.  This is where I give Brent a bunch of credit for using his ability to make the girls feel safe, but slowly pushing their comfort zone.  Within 15 minutes she had warmed up to the park and kept asking to go down the slides with Brent.  by the end of the afternoon she had mastered a waterslide all by herself and proceeded to repeat the slide, up/down, up/down, at least 15 times.   Mikayla and I missed the Dells this year because she was too sick to make the trip.  Seeing her smile and watching her enjoy it, made Brent and I beam. 

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