Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Mornings without loveys

  Laundry day for the loveys is a sad sad day around these parts.  Mallory cries and cries at the mere thought of Mr. Elephant being put in the washer and scrubbed clean.  I like to soften the blow a little bit by calling it Tubbie Time for the loves, but it does nothing on the heart strings of their mothers. 

The last time I cleaned their animals, both girls sat in front of the washer and dryer and watched each tumble that the animals took.  All of the animals bounced and hopped around the washer and dryer and looked almost like they were enjoying themselves during the warm sudsy ride.

2011-08-21 002 002

All that is, but one.  Poor Cookie Monster his plastic eyes are too much for the stainless drums of the machines.  His baths are much more stressful. 

2011-08-21 002 003

I realize he looks like a kidnapped hiker having stepped over enemy lines, but I needed to find a solution to the constant banging and potential damage that might have been done to his sight.

Here’s to hoping the blindfold never causes him to toss his cookies during the spin cycle.

Curious as to who is being washed on Lovey Tubbie Day?  Mallory has stripes and star and moon, her most loved blankets.  She also has Mr. Elephant, little Curious George and big Curious George.  Mikyala has Duck Duck, Elmo 1 and Elmo 2, and Cookie Monster (num nums)

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Amanda Jean said...

A new kind of "napping" for Cookie!