Friday, May 11, 2012

Water Pump-Saved!

We had an old rusty water pump in the yard when we moved in.  In making some landscaping changes, it was taken out of the yard and it needed a new home.  Brent thought the best place would be in a salvage yard.  It was ugly and it had gone a few years being unloved.  Still, I saw another purpose…2012-04-25 001 004

So I bought an attachment for our drill, put on some sexy goggles and sanded it down.
2012-04-25 001 008  2012-04-25 001 006

I primed it with a rust protectant.
2012-04-25 001 011 

Spray painted it bright red—because why not!!
2012-04-25 001 013

A big deep hole in the garden, a bag of concrete, and the barrel of our new strawberry plants.  Project done!

2012-05-07 001 005  2012-05-07 001 007

2012-05-07 001 008

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Amanda Jean said...

CUTE!!!!!! Good re-purpose job! I thought I was saturated in garden jealousy before...until I saw this!