Thursday, April 19, 2012

And then Pat swooned

Pat is a HUGE Barry Manilow fan and has been for as long as I can remember.  A few years ago, we gave her a DVD of Barry in concert and it tops the list as one of her favorite movies. 

When Gary heard that Barry was coming to town he called Kate and I. The conversation went something like this, “I want to take your mom to see Barry Manilow, but I am not going by myself.”  Or maybe not exactly like that…  Either way Kate and I went along and we made a night out of it just the four of us.  We kicked it like it was in the old days.

2012-04-13 001 001

Gary promised some new souveniors for Pat as well.  She scored two new shirts that she is sure to use as a night shirt.  When asked what pajamas she wants to wear she frequently requests “to sleep with Barry” as she has another shirt from a previous concert. Pat is a roadie!  We also scored a great calendar with classic pictures of studly Barry throughout the years.  This one is sure to earn a prize spot at eye level in Pat’s apartment.

2012-04-13 001 004

The following is Barry’s signature pose. He lets it all loose and lifts up his arm.  It makes lady swooners weak in the knees.
2012-04-13 001 0082012-04-13 001 006

2012-04-13 001 003

My mom clapped and moved along with the music.  If Barry wouldn’t have sung so loudly I am sure I could have heard her attempting to sing along with him.  When it was all said and done and we were in the car on the way home, (at 9:35-no less! My kinda concert!) my dad asked my mom, “So was it all you hoped it would be?” 
She resounded with a big loud “OH YEAH!”  And her weekend was made. 

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Amanda Jean said...

I love this post! There was more story to this story than I could've imagined! She looks joyful :)