Thursday, April 26, 2012

Easter Two Twelve

We sandwiched Easter on either side of our trip to Kentucky and I am just now getting around to uploading some pictures of our double celebrations.  Life around these woods has been Busy. That’s right its been the kind of busy worthy of becoming an all important capital word.  Pictures of major Major yard work to come, very shortly.

We decorated Easter eggs on Saturday with Kristen and Sienna.  The girls were all about coloring on the eggs with secret crayons, picking the right dye color and then watching in awe when they came out super pretty.  Apparently I was too busy using Kristen’s camera to take pics, making sure Mallory didn’t add multiple dye discs to every cup, and watching Mikayla so she didn’t tip any cups over as she proclaimed “I do it”, to take any pictures of my own… Guess I am not as great of a multi-tasker as I proclaim to be.

We celebrated Easter Sunday with the Crandall’s.  With a big yard for an egg hunt Brent was in his glory hiding the eggs.  Mallory had waited over a year to wear this size 6 dress for Easter.  She was dressed and ready for the day before 7:00am. 

2012-04-08 001 004

2012-04-08 001 0192012-04-08 001 018

2012-04-08 001 007

Freshly back from Kentucky, we celebrated Easter with the Eid’s.  The beautiful weather gave Brent another opportunity for the master egg hider to hide another batch of eggs.

Call me a softy, but when eggs are hidden out of your two year old’s reach, you may need to scale down the difficulty in hiding the eggs.
2012-04-14 001 009

2012-04-14 001 007    2012-04-14 001 006

Matchy Matchy?  Mallory has been almost begging me for outfits that match.  The Easter bunny heard her pleas…they were both so excited to be dressed as “matches”.

2012-04-14 001 005

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