Monday, October 24, 2011


Mallory hops on the bus every morning and the adventures continue for Mikayla and I around here.  One particular day Mikayla and I were visiting with our neighbor.  Mikayla was on a hunt for pinecones and stumbled upon a few new baby trees.  Before long we were digging up the little trees and hoping they would survive through the winter sitting on our window sill in front of our kitchen sink. They look out over the deck and into the big backyard.

2011-10-11 001 001

Being as creative as I am (insert a big giant HAHAHAHAHA), I headed to Michael's and bought three ceramic pots. I came home, pulled out our accent paint and made three cute little pots valued at $2.50.  Mikayla had the big job of filling the tiny pots up with dirt.  She took her job very seriously…

2011-10-12 001 002      2011-10-12 001 005

2011-10-12 001 015
Houseplants wouldn’t be the same if they weren’t given names, so from left to right meet: Bruce the Spruce (named by yours truly), twins are Rose and Tulip (named by Mallory) and finally, Evie the Evergreen (named by Brent).  I would love if these little trees grew enough to make it to the backyard. 

2011-10-12 001 016

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