Sunday, October 9, 2011

It really sparkles

Our new kitchen.  It sparkles.  When night falls and the house quiets down, I sit by the new lights and all I can say is “It really sparkles.” 

Should I tell you all the whole story or just leave you with before and after pictures?  Its been a long 10 weeks.  Filled with lessons learned and broken rock that was supposed to be our center island.  It was filled with refrigerators that were too big and workmen showing up well past their chosen “window”.  We had best friends step in and help put up a backsplash that gives everyone who walks into the kitchen the desire to “just touch it”.  It holds new light fixtures that now show our taste and not my parents.  We sit around a table that has nothing but memories from when I was little.  Solid oak chairs that I sat on when I was 5 and now Mallory sits on the same chair.  We painted over pink walls and took down valances that were a sign of the times—circa 1991.

It is warm.  It is complete. It is ours.  And it sparkles…

In order to save space, I made three separate photo albums throughout the process. 

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