Friday, July 1, 2011

Without the lense

Summer is in full swing and though the weather hasn’t been all that cooperative we are still keeping ourselves plenty busy.  When I wake up and see the sun shining, besides the little bounce that is added to my step, I turn slightly Looney. I feel the need to make sure that we take advantage of every single minute of the sunlit days because I fear the next day we will wake up to rain, gloom and cold temperatures. 

As the days fly by and we swim, slide, and skip our way to pass time, I find myself making memories with the kids and taking it all in through my own eyes, and not so much through the lense of my camera.  Is this an easy way of saying, I’ve been lazy?  Not so much (but maybe a little).  I try and snap a few here and there, but I’d rather splash in the waves, hold hands together, and remember it in my own way. 

They waded in the lake today, they played with cousins (one twice removed), and Mallory said, “It was pretty much one of the best days ever”.  They were slightly sun kissed and smelled like lake water and sun screen when the day was over.  Truly a summer day success.

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