Sunday, June 12, 2011

Why I have been quiet?

Because they went away and made some unforgettable memories.

Canada 11 018

It lasted an entire week—8 days, really.

Canada 10 008

I counted? You ask.  Yes.  Because the thought of doing it solo, while flying to Woodbury 5 times in 6 days, was almost enough to cause me to crawl in a hole and forget about the world around me.

But we marched along through our week.  My girls kept me busy.  My friends and family kept me sane.  Our play dates kept us connected and happy.

2011-06-03 001

My husband was in Canada catching memories along side big fish tales.  He was lucky enough to be invited to go with my dad, uncle, and long time family friend.  Hearing Brent say he has never seen my dad laugh as hard as he did, made it all worth it.

Canada 6 002

This week was not a time to be selfish and pouty (did I pout? A little and I whined just a few times to my sister).  However, making solo memories with the girls and those around us, was just what we needed to make the time go by a lot faster.

Will they do it again next year?  Yep.  When the time comes, the week will seem slightly daunting (maybe a little less with an almost 3 year old?) but well worth the girl time memories made while the boys do whatever is they do best up in Canada.

Canada 11 002

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