Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Almost a prince.

Do you see that in the grass?  That is a toad.  We found them in the garden. I met a toad today! 
Actually I met two toads!

2011-06-12 001 015
First they hopped and I watched.   
2011-06-12 001 017
Then they hopped some more and I squealed.
Of course I tired to pick it up!
But man, those toads are slippery and squirmy…he kept hopping away.
2011-06-12 001 018
My daddy taught me the “gentle” way to hold a toad.  I may be bitty, but I don’t understand gentle when I am so excited! 
About the toads!  Two toads!
2011-06-12 001 019 
 2011-06-12 001 028
I picked him up and put him down. 
I picked him up again and I had to show grandpa!
Grandpa laughed and laughed.  I don’t think he has ever seen a toad before. Me either! TWO TOADS!
2011-06-12 001 022
2011-06-12 001 021
Mommy was behind the camera and she kept saying ‘No No kiss. No No kiss.”  I really wish they didn’t put those tubes in my ears or I wouldn’t have been able to hear and I would have kissed that toad. TWO TOADS!

And here I thought only Earth worms lived in the garden…I snuck a quick kiss before my mommy could say “No No kiss.”
2011-06-12 001 010
Add worm and toad to the list of creatures I love…right behind beetles, ants, birds, dogs, cats (poor Zoey), horses, goats, bears, sea otters…

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