Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Puddles of fun

Before nap we took a typical walk.  We walked up the street and stayed on the sidewalk.  Just like we do everyday.  Very typical.
2011-06-21 001 016
See that big puddle?  This walk is about to take a turn for the super not-so-typical.
I gave Mikayla the green light to play in the puddle.  Splash.  Jump.  Kick. Just don’t eat the leaves or rocks…
2011-06-21 001 027      2011-06-21 001 028
She got soaked.  When it was all said and done her belly button was as wet as her toes.  She loved every minute of it.2011-06-21 001 039She took a knock down nap and when she woke up her cousins were over!  When we told the kids were going to the park—they assumed it was going to be a typical park play date.  After 2 days of off and on rain, we knew the park would be a sloppy mess.  The temperature was just right and we knew the kids would have a blast so off we went…  They were timid for only a short time before they made themselves one with the sand and water.
2011-06-21 002 0142011-06-21 002 0162011-06-21 002 015
The kids smiled the entire time. They played, jumped, splashed, and dug in the sand and water and begged for more when we told them it was time to go home and clean up.
  Call me selfish, but these are the days I hope my kids remember me for… 

Remember the day our mom let us play in the mud at the park and splash in the puddles on our walk?  Yeah, that was pretty cool…

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Molly Eid said...

What a super fun time this was today letting the cousins splash, jump, dig and get as dirty as they pleased! Thanks again for having us over:)