Thursday, June 23, 2011


Summer has yet to really show up around here, but Molly and I decided we cannot wait forever for her to arrive, so we bundled the kids up and took them strawberry picking.  The girls and I have never been so I was excited to experience for the first time with them.  With the deluge of rain we’ve been having and the colder than average temperatures finding a patch that was open for picking was a little tough, but we did.  Winter hats, puddle boots and all, we made a morning of our adventure and had tons of fun.

When we got home and I washed the berries, I realized we may not have picked the best of the best of the berries, but it doesn’t matter.  The kids pulled the majority of what we bought and with each one they showed us how great they thought their berry was.   

2011-06-23 001 0162011-06-23 001 0172011-06-23 001 010

Mikayla, in true toddler form, enjoyed the experience in her own way.  She was thrilled to pull any reddish fruit from the vine.  She didn’t understand to not walk (or sit) on the plants so there were a few strawberry casualties along the way.

2011-06-23 001 0092011-06-23 001 006

2011-06-23 001 0122011-06-23 001 014

2011-06-23 001 019

Winter hats or not, rain or sunshine, it didn’t matter.  We made the most of our day and I can’t wait to enjoy the fresh strawberries-dipped in melted chocolate chips of course!
2011-06-23 001 028

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Amy said...

looks like a cold but fun time! where did you guys end up going? we are hoping to go sooner than later!