Monday, April 25, 2011

Trust yourself

Every time we go to the park Mallory asks for help on the fire pole.  My answer is always the same; Mallory I am too short. You have to wait for daddy to help you.  Today her daddy was at the park with us and she asked for his help.  I was busy chasing a toddler around so I missed the first couple attempts at sliding down the pole.  When she yelled for me to watch her, I turned around and this is what I saw…

P1080863   P1080865


P1080870   P1080878

P1080880   P1080883

When I watched her from the top, I saw her hold onto the pole and in that split second she had the choice; trust herself or back away?  And she did it.  She took the leap.  She trusted herself.  She did it over and over again, smiling the entire time, until it was time for us to head home…

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