Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I was bored one day…

So I found a shoe box, punched six holes in it, threaded it with a shoelace and handed it to Mallory.  Her first response was “Awww a new box for Elephant to sleep!”  Um. No.

Ten minutes later she learned to tie.  No kidding.  I spent more time searching on the internet and asking Kristen if I should put the lesson to a song or a rhyme than it did for her to master the task. 





In case you are curious, I did not set it to a song.  Instead I told a very random story about a rabbit, his long ears, a dogs tail and the chase between the two of them.  I made it up as I went and she remembered as she learned.  Thankfully she didn’t need the story the second day because I wouldn’t have remembered the details if I tried.  She picked up the box and the shoe string and, just like pedaling a bike, tied the perfect bow.

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