Tuesday, December 8, 2009

So...is she mine?

So a month ago I posted a picture of Mallory and Mikayla at the same age of 3 months. I then compared the two. I got a few comments that they looked alike and others said they looked completely different. I also got one request to see a baby picture of me to compare as well.

Most of the time, with this baby, I hear the comment "She looks just like her mommy!" After living 3+ years with Mallory, who looks amazingly similar to her daddy, I take the Mikayla compliments and eat. them. up. On Friday we saw a friend of Brent's mom (who happens to also be a blog writer herself). She hadn't met Mikayla in person so she was peering in at her while Mikayla sat in her car seat and fought a mid morning snooze. Dawn commented that she looked a lot like Brent. I wasn't completely shocked at the comment, I mean Brent was there if you know what I mean; she is his daughter. I just usually don't hear that comment from very many people. I told Dawn this and she said there was just something about her that looked like him. A few minutes later Dawn came by again and peeked in the stroller. Mikayla was getting more dreamy eyed as time went by and was getting pretty close to falling asleep. Dawn pipes in and says, "see that dopey look on her face, that is when she looks like her dad. When she has that dopey look..."

First I laughed. Then I asked her if I could quote her on the blog. Dawn was quick to chime in that she didn't think Brent or Mikayla looked dopey, just that the certain face looked like Brent. I was still grinning thinking that somebody saying "Brent and Dopey looking" in the same sentence was sure worth blogging over...

Here is a picture of Kate and I circa 1979. My sister, with her wonderful cowlick, is on the left. I am on the right with the shaggy red hair. Kate is just over 3 and I am about 6 months old.

So...is she mine?


Amy said...

Indeed she is! And she is soooo cute! I always hear that Linnea looks like me but every now and then people have said she looks like Chris. And I agree it is kind of a weird feeling. Not bad. Just different!

Pam ~ Focus Photography said...

Kristie, OH my gosh... Mikayla certainly looks like you. I'm shocked at how red your hair was. When did it start to lighten? I thought Deb's and my hair was RED when we were kids, but I think you may have us beat. So cute!!!