Thursday, December 17, 2009

Holiday Bonus?

I smell like baby barf, and I just realized it. The baby has been asleep for almost 3 hours.

My almost 4 year old is testing me in ways I never knew possible.

Once the laundry is washed, dried, folded and put away, the hamper seems full again.

There are always dishes to be done.

Everybody needs me, all. day. long. Even the dog.

The dog, I am glad I mentioned her. The dog runs outside and eats rabbit poop until her paws freeze. Limps back inside, warms up and then remembers she forgot to do her deed when she was outside. This cycle continues, seemingly, all day long.

My 3 year old, who seems to think on her next birthday she is turning 16, refuses to wear her mittens. "It's cold out," I tell her. "I don't care" she bites back. As soon as we step outside she breaks down crying telling me her hands are freezing. "Should have worn your mittens," I tell her.

Just wondering when I should expect my holiday bonus to come in the mail. Tomorrow?Saturday? Does anybody know?


Kelsey said...
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Aaron Mathison said...

I would think the holiday bonus comes on Christmas morning if you have kids :)

The Breimhorst Family said...

I'm still waiting on mine! Your days sound like mine. At least Lucy's eyes aren't popping out of her sockets:/