Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cool Stuff You Do

Because you are not changing  leaps and bounds like your sister, monthly updates go unnoticed.  You are no longer growing like a weed so your growth stats from month to month go uncharted. However, that does not mean we don’t see changes, sometimes daily as to who you are becoming.

Mallory, when people ask you how old you are (insert the wonderful lady who trimmed your hair), you answer “I am five years old.  I don’t think I am five and a half yet because I have not been five for that long.” 

You make your own bed and you are really good at it! 

You pick out your own clothes, get dressed by yourself, and always sometimes remember to put your pajamas away.

You love taking long, hot showers.  All we need to do is wash your hair.  You do the rest, from behind your ears to the bottom of your toes. You even dry off and get all dressed.

You are a great friend.  You can see the excitement in your eyes when you have a playmate your own age.  You see a piece of clothing in a color that is one of your preschool friends favorites, and you immediately tell me that you need to wear it to school so _____ can see you in it.

You can swing all by yourself.  You need a little bit of help getting started, but then your little legs pump away and you are off, attempting to soar as high as the sky. 

You LOVE to use the computer.  You are given two, 15 minute segments of computer time each day.  These are privileges and are very easily used as bargaining tools for discipline as you do.not. want to lose your computer time.  You are currently playing a learning game called JumpStart for Kindergarteners. 

You pick up any “Step 1” book and attempt to read it. Most of the time you sound out each new, longer word and make an effort to read it.  When you are tired, or have read “too many” words, we help you out. You can see the smile of pride when you make it through a string of brand new tough words.  (To date, this has been a huge parenting highlight)

You still love dressing beautiful.  This means dresses, skirts, tights and anything that sparkles.  Oh my…

You doggy paddle like a little puppy, when just weeks before you were terrified to even let go of the side of the pool wall.

And most importantly, you still think your mom is pretty cool…

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Sarah said...

What a cool 5 year old :) It fun to have a glimpse of what's coming for my almost 4 year old!