Monday, December 27, 2010

I blinked

I blinked and Christmas came and went.  It was more apparent this year then ever before that time goes by so fast as you get older.  Christmas was great, but also exhausting.  Mallory was a believer through all of the celebrations and her reactions to gifts were priceless.  She was thrilled with her gifts. 

Mikayla on the other hand…oh Mikayla.  I’d be a liar if I said she had a perfect few days. She is at a hard age that doesn’t quite get what all the fuss is about, yet she knows enough to understand things are not going as she is used to.  She fussed and whined a lot.  She enjoyed any Elmo present she opened and squealed and screamed his name when she saw his big read head and smiling face.  By the time Sunday rolled around she was more then excited to take a long winters nap in her comfy crib.  She woke up refreshed and was back to her normal toddler self.  

My camera is not feeling well and is currently at the BestBuy hospital, so I only grabbed a handful of pictures of the few days of Christmas…

Making cookies for Santa with Caleb and Ava on the 23rd


Mikayla spent most of Christmas Eve saying whining “Momma? Momma!”


A taste of what we found on Christmas morning!


Christmas Day at the Aids

A big hit with the older kids—their very own suitcase and jammies!


Brent snowboarding


Triple cousin sled ride!


And with that Christmas 2010 is over.  Lots of planning and preparation and the days of celebrating were very fun.  Mallory is already on to counting down the days until she turns five.  

Seven days…I cannot believe it.

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Tom, Jaime, Kendra said...

Who are the Aid's? Just wondering if you went somewhere else on Christmas day?