Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Eve twice removed

Holding on tight, feeling warm and fuzzy and getting ready to let go.  Ready to let go and enjoy the 2010 Christmas holiday.  The presents are wrapped, the menus are planned and by late tomorrow morning the cookies for Santa will be freshly baked. In case you were wondering, he requested Chocolate Chip. 

Mallory, On Christmas Day you will wear your “beautiful” Christmas dress. You have told me you feel most beautiful in your black tights and black shoes.  Mikayla, your outfit will sport comfort.  You will wear a pair of candy cane pants and a shirt that reads “Good things come in small packages”. Perfect for our Bitty. Mallory you have loved picking out presents for your family members this year.  You get it.  Your most favorite purchase is a toss up between a stuffed Elmo for Mikayla or the hot find for Lucy—a stuffed squeaky squirrel.  Mikayla, let’s be honest, at 16 months you don’t quite get it yet. I am guessing by the time you open 2 presents Christmas Eve the light bulb will fire. You’ll be all over helping every other person open their gifts… 

On the eve before we begin our celebrating I wrote a letter in the hopes of grasping a little bit of what it is like to be a parent to a child during the holiday season.

Dear Mallory and Mikayla,

Let’s be honest, when you are 12, 17, or 26… you most likely won’t remember Christmas of 2010.  In not too many years, we will forget what presents we opened that were under the tree.  We will forget what ate, and we will forget what the weather was like. 

When you become an adult I want to bottle up and give you the magic that goes along with being a child on Christmas.  I want to put a little bit of gift-anticipation in an envelope and send it to you in the mail when you are a junior in college.  I want to show you the wonder and awe that I see sparkle in your eyes, the first year you stop believing.

But for this year, we will not think about Christmases to come.  We will live in this moment.  We will all believe. Your dad and I will stand behind you and flash each other a wink and a smile and know that these are the moments we want to never forget.  May you grow to know that the true meaning of Christmas is much, much more, than the presents under the tree and the latest toy that Santa will bring.  It is about Faith, family and love.  May the spirit of the holiday live in your hearts forever. You are both beautiful little girls with budding spunky personalities and I am honored to spend every Christmas (and your everyday) as your mom.


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Lexie said...

Cry!!!!! You always somehow know how to capture the moment and put to words. I miss you and the girls! Love you!