Saturday, November 27, 2010

Learning to let go: The Series


Mallory you chose your own outfits for Thanksgiving this year.  Both Thursday (with the Eid’s) and Friday (with the Crandall’s).  When you bounded up the stairs both mornings feeling “so beautiful” there was no way I could make you change, especially on a day of giving thanks.

So below, is the outfit you chose on Friday.  A striped pale yellow and white shirt, a purple skirt (that we noticed a little too late that was a size too small), and a pink, white, and maroon pair of tights with snowflakes.  This (by far) has not been your most eccentric outfit.  It was the reason behind the outfit choice that makes it memorable. 

You came up the stairs at 6:55am fully dressed.  You were so proud.  You told me the following statement about your wardrobe choice, “Mommy don’t I look beautiful! I chose this yellow shirt for a little bit of spring, I chose this purple skirt because I LOVE PURPLE!! And I chose these tights because they keep my feet warm and they have snowflakes because it’s almost winter (said in a whisper of excitement).  You clearly gave this outfit plenty of thought.  I love your zest Mallory. Love it.


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Abbie said...

So cute. You are such a good mom. Hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving!