Saturday, October 30, 2010

Learning to let go; the series


Mallory has decided that she feels “most beautiful” in skirts and dresses and begs, whines and pleads wishes to wear them everyday.  Instead of battling with her each and everyday we have come up with a compromise.  She is allowed to pick out her own outfit three times each week; with no help from Brent or me.  Her only rule is that she has to dress appropriately for the weather. 

I am going to be real honest, this compromise was not easy on me.  I fought it; trying every which way to beg and plead with her on what to wear each day. When the battles became frustrating for both her and I, I realized she was not only trying to exert her independence, but she was also old enough to realize what she felt good in.  So I am learning to let go.  I am learning that she is much more easy going when she feels good about herself (and really, who isn't?)  If allowing her to choose her clothes boosts her self-esteem, then I have to let her choose…

Not one to roll over and let my child completely win a battle, I also realized that this would be the perfect opportunity to capture these independent days on camera.  Oh, she will love me for making these memories last forever….


Today she chose striped leggings, a green tie-dyed skirt and a pink “fancy” shirt—and check out that smile! Smile

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molly said...

too cute! i definitely believe in picking your hard as it can be. but so true - when they're happy, the whole house is a much happier house. ;)