Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Spooktacular Four Days


Halloween doesn’t just happen on one night, for 3 hours, like it did when we were younger.  Halloween now consists of visits to grandparents, trips to school in costumes, visiting friends and trick or treating in the neighborhood to finish the holiday festivities.

  Mallory chose her costume this year all by herself and she was thrilled to be “Sleeping Beauty".  She felt beautiful.  Mikayla is still under our control so Brent and I compromised on a Pig.  She made one of the cutest little pigs ever. 

We started out Halloween on Thursday with a trip to my mom’s for a little bit of “reverse trick or treating”.  You may remember two years ago when a little bitty elephant visited grandma with some treats in a basket (and if you don’t remember, you really should go read it…man has time flown by).  This year, through no planning of our own, the same thing took place.  Grandpa bought the candy and Mallory (along with several other kids) passed out candy to the different residents at my mom’s apartment.  Mallory was lucky enough to get the candy that my mom received from the other trick or treaters. Sort of defeated the purpose behind the lesson of giving not receiving, but its Halloween…the sole purpose, when you are a kid, is filling your basket to the brim with candy.

Friday Mallory had a Halloween party at preschool.  She was dressed as her beautiful princess and her school-yard boyfriend was dressed as a Knight.  Of course he would. Knights save the princesses from the towers they are locked up in. (This is what Mallory told me)

Sunday morning we headed to Brent’s parents.  The entire family was there and all five cousins were super cute!!  Kendra was Eeyore, Ava was Minnie Mouse and Caleb was Lightning McQueen.

We finished off the holiday on Sunday afternoon when we headed to the Jovles.  We had a delicious dinner and forced our kids to take a few more pictures.  Ellie was a duck and Sienna was a pig (the other cutest little pig). I am pretty sure Mallory said something along the lines of  “Why do we have to take pictures at Kristen and Justin’s when we already took them at Grandma’s house?”  My response?  “Because. One day you’ll thank me for making all these memories permanent.” Mikayla was all about walking from house to house. However her main goal was to fill her bucket with rocks and not candy.  I guess she already understands that Halloween is not for the kids with a dairy allergy.

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Amanda Jean said...

One of my daycare kiddos has a brother with a dairy allergy and a nut allergy. Every Halloween night, he puts all of his chocolate/nutty candy in a particular location, and the next morning, the halloween something-or-other (think Santa) comes and takes the candy, leaving a toy he wanted.

(On a side note, the word verification word was "sante." That is the Mexican version of Santa.)