Saturday, September 25, 2010

Holding Hands

This is just the beginning.  The very first time you two held hands and walked was at Grandma’s apartment.  Mikayla you walked from Grandma’s room on the 3rd floor all the way to the front door of the building.  You were so proud and Mallory was equally proud helping you keep your balance while you toddled on your own.

Melt my heart. A simple elevator ride to everyone else, but not to me.  I cannot get over my little peanut standing all by herself waiting for the doors to open.  She tried to grab the bar but she is still too short. 


“Ready Sis? Here we go!”


Mallory, you picked out a super fancy outfit today all by yourself. You were beyond annoyed when I told you that you had to wear your fleece because it was cold and rainy.  What was the ensemble?  A purple shirt, a fancy jean skirt, flower leggings and to top the outfit off the used new pair of red sparkly shoes Kate bought for you.  In your eyes you were dressed to the nines.  There were 3 women who stopped you to make a special comment on your shoes and each time you beamed while saying thank you. 

These are the days I cannot wait to never forget.  Thanks Blog.


Tom, Jaime, Kendra said...

So cute! I love Mallory's outfit!!!

ilanarose said...

Awww... sisters are the best. My best friend is my sister and I only have one little girl at the moment but I hope she gets as lucky!

And I want a pair of those sparkly shoes:)