Saturday, May 29, 2010

Lost in translation

Mallory is at the best age for wanting to help out with everyday tasks.  At this particular moment she is a great go-getter.  “Mallory will you go get me a Kleenex for Mikayla?”  “Mallory will you go get Lucy her toy that is stuck under the chair?” 

Grilling this season has been especially nice with our “go getter”.  She is great at bringing clean plates, time checks, forgotten tongs, or whatever may need to be brought from downstairs to upstairs.

Tonight was no different.  Brent was downstairs grilling steaks and Mallory was eager to go out and help him.  I handed her the plastic bag of corn and asked her to husk the corn with her daddy.  I heard her pitter patter down the stairs mumbling about husking corn (clearly this was a new word she will now add to her vocabulary). 

A few minutes later she came back up the stairs and said the following:

“Daddy needs a paper bag and is wondering if he should grill the paper bag or not.  I’m not sure what grilled paper bag would taste like…”

I muffled my laughter, handed her a paper bag and told her I would cook the corn in the kitchen.

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