Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Wagon rides, the park, and swings. It’s Spring!!!

It’s customary if you live in Minnesota to celebrate the first warm spring day of the year by heading outside for almost the entire day.  We got the wagon out of storage, wiped it down, and took it on our first wagon ride of the year.  This was also Mikayla’s first wagon ride so, of course, I had to document such an occasion.  Remember my luck with capturing two kids smiling


Ok. Mikayla keep your eyes open this time. 

Take Two


Mallory mid blink, Mikayla as serious as ever…

Failed.  Try again tomorrow. 

Today we headed to the park where we found out all the snow had melted and the slides, swings, and dirt diggers were dry! 



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molly said...

love that we can finally get outside. of course it's supposed to snow this weekend, ha. gotta love march! love your attempts at getting a picture of both girls, i feel your pain.