Friday, March 19, 2010

GOaT Milk?

Well, yet again we are at a crossroads with Mikayla.  Is it a crossroads?  Is it a bump in the ever bumpy, never really smooth, road?  Or really is it just a new direction? Whatever it is I just hope it is all behind us and we are marching a long on the right path. Forever an optimist when it comes to Mikayla’s new adventures, all I can do is hope that this will be the right decision.  It all started with a very unimpressive, pretty disheartening, appointment with a gastroenterologist who told us, amongst other things, that she was allergic to her hypoallergenic formula.  They recommended switching to another “even better” formula that, at the bargain price of $56/can, would solve our issues.  A week later, no issues solved and a baby who had even more troubles at night—the answer from our wonderful doctor (please sense the overwhelming amount of sarcasm) “If that is not working, switch her back to the other formula. (umm, I thought you (the expert) said she was allergic to the old stuff, but really, what do I know, I am just her mom) She also told us we might just have to deal with the fact that she is going to be fussy until she outgrows this.

Deal with the fact that she is just going to be fussy until she outgrows this?  Are you kidding? And you call yourself a specialist.  At that point in the conversation I wanted to shove some sort of gastro-medical equipment where the spring sun don’t shine.  However, this would be called “burning bridges” and I don’t agree with doing that…

Instead, I remembered something my mother in law and my chiropractor told me 5 months ago.  Goat’s milk and homemade formula.  An all Natural approach.  I went on a mission and found a doctor who came recommended from a clinic I knew well.  Mikayla and I went to yet another appointment.  Second on the list behind our chiropractor, this woman might go down on our list of Saints, if this works.  We are in great hands with a recipe built to suit Mikayla’s needs as she grows.  We headed to the co-op and bought all of the necessary ingredients including powdered goat’s milk, a multi vitamin, brown rice syrup, cod liver oil, and flax oil.  We are slowly introducing each ingredient so we can watch Mikayla to make sure she can handle each ingredient.  This “drink” will be able to change and evolve as Mikayla grows.  If it all goes according to plan (who am I kidding; this is Mikayla, there are no plans), her Naturopathic and Pediatrician both agree that we should keep her on some form of Goat milk along with other forms of milk, though steering clear from Cow’s milk until she is at least two.  Keeping her away from all cow milk products until that time will hopefully keep a true milk allergy at bay.  

Will it work?  Who knows.  At this point all we can do is try--snuggle with her when all she wants to do is cry and hope to God that this will work…

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