Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Meet Mikayla

Why am I introducing you to Mikayla all over again? Because we've had a break through. This little baby has been through a lot in her short little two months. More than anything she has reflux and is colicky. There. I admitted it. I have a colicky baby and boy is it tough. More than likely she is colicky due to her reflux but it still doesn't make it any easier. She cries. A lot. She is uncomfortable most of the day.

All of that was the case until 5 days ago. A week ago Brent and I were at our wits end. The medicine didn't seem to be helping the reflux and Mikayla was miserable. To be honest, Brent and I were miserable too. Above all we felt so bad for the baby and how much pain she seemed to be in that we needed to do something to help her. Everything our pediatrician told us to do seemed to help, but only in small bits and only for short periods of time. Without fail the bottom would drop and she would end up miserable again. A little post on this very blog, a status update on face book, and a few gentle nudges from friends and I made an appointment with a chiropractor. After searching around on the Internet it seemed like a lot of other parents had great success with chiropractic care for their babies who suffer from reflux and colic. What could it hurt? It couldn't make it any worse. And if it at all helped, I'd be thrilled.

Off I went to yet another doctor's appointment with Mikayla. I have never been to a chiropractor before so I had no idea what to expect. When Dr. Jodi told me how she was going to exam (not even sure if that is the right word) Mikayla I shook my head and said whatever you need to do--go for it.
And this is one of the things she did:

Crazy? I thought so....

She gave Mikayla a spinal check and found some issues. She adjusted each spot and then sent us on our way having us return in 2 days. Easy enough. Those simple manipulations, in the correct spots on Mikayla's back, have completely changed our baby. She went from agitated and fussy to almost entirely calm and content. The first night I was sure it was a fluke. She was quiet, happy and barely cried. It couldn't have been that easy. The second night we went out to dinner with the Jovles. Were we crazy? Mikayla has never been to a restaurant because she always fussed and cried in her car seat. Friday night she made barely a peep. She stayed awake for a bit, she took a quick nap and then ate. Once again the night was calm. Each night since then has been fairly calm as well. We still have a little bit of evening fussiness, but it is now typical, nothing more.
So let's try this again.
Meet Mikayla Ann at two months young.
She's a tummy sleepin', hair pullin', daddy lovin' little girl.


Amanda Jean said...

Before I did daycare, I went to my chiropractor very regularly (at one point, 4 times/week). I never felt better, slept better, breathed better, or was healthier. I had been to chiropractors before, but it's important to see a chiropractor who really seriously understand and believes that the way our spines are aligned entirely effects the rest of our body.

So glad you've found some help for your sweet little munchkin!

Tom & Jaime said...

Glad to hear things are still going well for everyone!

Sarah said...

What GREAT news!! I feel relief for you! I'm so happy to hear Mikayla is happier (along with Mom and Dad and Sis!) I'll for SURE be tucking this little lesson away!

Sara Sylvester said...

Amazing...that is awesome. And, good to know. Once my father-in-law had the hiccups for 2 months straight, and he saw every doctor he ever could and tried a million things, and they wouldn't go away. Finally out of desperation he saw a chiropractor, and after 1 adjustment his hiccups were gone. It is crazy. I am happy for you and Brent though.