Thursday, February 11, 2010

So what is the real definition?

We had my sister-in-law Molly and her kids, Caleb and Ava, over for dinner on Thursday.  Caleb and Ava finished eating and were off playing, while Mallory sat at the table doing her best to avoid eating the rest of her dinner.  Ava did something that made Mallory laugh and she looked at me and said, “Hahahah Ava is such a butthead.”  A what?, I said. (Apparently this was a new word she picked up at preschool.  As much as you may all think Brent and I call each other buttheads on a regular basis, we do not.)   “A BUTTHEAD!” She said it clear as day so I could understand exactly what she had said. “Mallory, we don’t say that word.  That is not a nice word.”  “Butthead???”  She looked so puzzled as to why “butthead” was not an okay word to use.  Realizing she had no idea what the real meaning of the word was, I dropped it. 

Now she has the vocabulary, I guess I just sit back and wait for her to learn the real definitions…

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