Monday, February 8, 2010

Mallory and Lucy, a real friendship?

Mallory learned to sit up by herself just after she turned 6 months old.  From that day forward she has desperately wanted Lucy to be her best friend. She would get so excited at the sight of Lucy entering a room she would squeal with delight.  When she was eating in her high chair Lucy quickly realized that this was an easy way to get a snack.  When faced with a toddler in a high chair Lucy cannot get close enough.  Ask our favorite neighbor Ellie.  Lucy has tried on a few occasions to not only steal chicken nuggets from Ellie, but also has tried to trim her tiny finger nails.  Clearly, Lucy does not top Ellie’s “Most Favorite Animal” List.  Toddlers out of the high chair?  Keep your distance.  Poor Lucy is certain that the chubby hands of a doting toddler, will most definitely poke her in the eye or pull out her precious, ever shedding, Eskimo fur.

Mallory has been persistence in trying to gain Lucy’s friendship over the past 3.5 years.  Calling Lucy, throwing toys for her, trying to pet her, trying to snuggle with her, to no avail Lucy always scampers away. 

I think we’ve had a breakthrough.  Maybe its Mallory’s mature age (ha) or the introduction of a new slimy handed baby who REALLY wants to pull Lucy’s hair out, (in large clumps) but whatever it is, Lucy is lovin’ Mallory.  She snuggles with her on the couch, fetches the toys Mallory throws, follows her commands when waiting for a treat, and LOVES when Mallory rubs her belly. 

The life long friendship has begun.

Mal at 6 months.  Honestly, she must have had some sweet potatoes stuck on her face.  There is no other reason this dog would have kissed this little baby :) 


And present day.  Their faces say it all.  Clearly on their way to becoming the best of friends…


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