Sunday, February 21, 2010

Not such a great idea.

I was playing with Mal and her dollhouse Friday afternoon.  She has a little family of five (dad, mom, preschool girl, and twin infants) to finish out the happy family, she also has teenage babysitter. 

The pretend play went like this:

Me: I think the little girl wants to go play outside.  “Come on daddy, watch me climb on the monkey bars!” This is done in my best little girl voice

Mal: Yeah that’s a great idea. Now I think the mom has to poop. She places the mom on the toilet. “Oh little baby. Are you getting tired?” She pretends to be the mom talking to one of the babies. Remember the mom is still on the toilet.  “Ok. You can go sleep on the bed.  Honey!!!  It’s bedtime!!!”  This time she is calling for the dad who is outside with the little girl that I am pretending to be.  She puts the little babies and the toddler on the bed and covers them up.  Then she takes the dad and the mom and puts them on a blanket in the attic.

And then she says this…  “BABY SITTER!!!!!  It’s time for bed!!!”  She grabs the baby sitter, who happens to be in the little van, and moves her to the attic.

Me:  Slightly dumbfounded by her actions, trying to contain my urge to bust out laughing, I ask,  “Is the baby sitter going to sleep with the mom and the dad?” 

Mal: Yup.  Its a great idea. Isn’t it?

Note to self: When she is 15 and heads off to babysit at someone’s house, make sure to tell her co-sleeping with the parents is not a great idea.



Do you like her outfit?  Where did she get her extremely great sense of fashion?  Ask her dad…

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