Friday, February 19, 2010

Warm Sun

With the sun warming up our house a little bit more with each passing week, I am dreaming of spring and summer.  Though the first few weeks of spring are grainy, dirty and wet, it still allows us to breath fresh air without freezing our nostril hairs. 

My latest daydream involves my two girls, our wagon, a new (s)cooter, Mikayla’s BFF from up the street, and her mom Kristen M.  We will take a nice walk to a not so hidden park, all in hopes of turning our pasty white skin into a light tint of bronze.  I cannot wait.  

Though it may take until June for all of this snow to melt, it will melt.  And I am fairly certain that the first bare, muddy, sloppy patch of earth to be revealed this spring will be our front “slop” yard.  If you remember correctly, we had an underground pipe burst just a few weeks before Christmas.  The snow has done a great job of allowing us to forget about the unsightly muddy mess we have.  Come April, it will make its presence known.  Call it a nightmare or a daydream, but I can just see my 8 month old, excited about her brand new talent of crawling, to take her first attempt at the full speed (I am in a race move out of my way) crawl to get herself into the middle of the slop.  It will happen. You all just wait…

Hurry up winter and get the heck out of my front yard and my neighborhood.  Spring is about to call and I can’t wait!

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