Saturday, December 19, 2009

Minnesota Winter, Here we go again.

Some of you may remember last year when I posted about Mallory's allergy to the cold, well we wondered if this year would hold the same outcome.

Brent has had her out sledding a few times and he was sure to bundle her up good. I am talking head to toe coverage with only her eyes and a little bit of her cheeks are exposed. The first few times she was out in the cold, she came back in fine. Today she came skipping up the steps and sat down next to me and was telling me about sledding and the snowball fight that followed. The whole time she was talking to me she was itching her arm... I took a look at it and asked her what was wrong and she said "I think I got a mosquito bite." I pulled up her sleeve to get a better look and that is when I saw the huge welt that had already grown swollen on her arm. Itchy and puffy it was a sure sign that we are still dealing with the effects of Cold Urticaria (CU).

With the quick onset of such a big hive I called the nurse line just to make sure we were taking the right steps and that we shouldn't worry about anything else that may come from this outbreak. She assured me giving her a dose of benadryl and watching her closely to make sure she doesn't have trouble breathing was the best thing to do. TROUBLE BREATHING? Ok. Maybe I better do some research on what an "allergy to the cold" really entails. I googled it. And ya know what? It is serious. Last week Mallory complained that her throat feel silly after she ate ice cream. Now I realize it was probably due to the cold. I also realized that I am not nearly as educated as I should be on this diagnosis. How neurotic do I need to be about exposure to all things cold? Will this go away or will she deal with it her entire life? Does she need an Epipen? Silly it may seem. I am not taking chances and I will be heading to the doctor for Mallory's 4 year check up with a whole list of questions. And until then, there will be no Polar Plunges in Mallory's future.

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