Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A night in the life of us

7:00pm-10:45pm Try to keep Mikayla content as she struggles with a reflux episode. Bounce, rock, sway, walk. Bounce, rock, sway walk...
8:00pm-Mallory goes to bed and falls asleep in minutes
11:00pm Gently lay Mikayla down in her crib. She is finally asleep. We keep our fingers crossed that she will just stay asleep.
11:45pm-Startled awake by a big bang in the bathroom. Though we know Mikayla is in her crib, Brent runs to the bathroom just to make sure she didn't crawl out of her crib, roll to the bathroom and bump her head on the floor all at the ripe old age of 7.5 weeks. Are we sleep deprived yet?
12:10am-Mikayla wakes up. I Attempt to feed her, only to realize she isn't hungry she just wants to snuggle. Gently lay her down in her crib. She is fast asleep. We keep our fingers crossed that she will just stay asleep.
1:25am-Mikayla wakes up. She eats a little bit and falls asleep. Brent gently lays her down in her car seat this time...here is to hoping this keeps her asleep.
4:10am-"I'M AWAKE! MOMMY I'M AWAKE!" is heard screaming through the 3 footer's monitor. Really? 4 am is way to early to start the day. Hobble downstairs, give a big hug and a kiss on the forehead all while mumbling, "All kids are sleeping. It's the middle of the night."
4:45-"I'M AWAKE! MOMMY I'M AWAKE!" Brent stumbles down to relay the bad news that it is not yet morning
5:05am-Mikayla starts to wake up. Get up, feed her a bottle. Begin our day.
7:15am-Listen to Mallory sing "It's morning time. It's morning time" in a happy sing-songy voice. 7:15 am is in fact morning time. 4:10 am not so much.


Aaron Mathison said...

Wow, is it like this every night? I think I can wait a few more years to have kids :)

Sara Sylvester said...

All I am going to say is that Mallory is obviously a morning person like her Mother. Her poor college roommates. :)

Tom & Jaime said...

I hope tonight goes better!

Anonymous said...

Have you tried some alternative methods for her acid reflux? Chiropractic for instance! Take your time in finding someone who will work on infants. I took my kids to a chiropractor as infants. I have had bad bouts of Heartburn, an adjustment helps quite often. I can recommend my chiro but he is in Fairmont MN. He gets a lot of patients from as far out as 4 hours. If it helps it is worth it. Dr. Timothy Hamp, Progressive Chiropractic!! I hope this helps!! Angie's sis-Kelly