Friday, October 2, 2009

We will not be buying a bird cage...

Last Sunday Brent was in the garage getting the garbage together to put it at the end of the driveway. He came inside and called for Mallory saying, "Hey Mallory want to come see a bird? It's in our garage?" Squealing with delight at the thought of a bird! in the garage! Mallory happily went to check it out. I, on the other hand, pictured a robin sitting on the van pooing all over it. I was not pleased. Brent came in and told me that it was a funny looking bird with big feet. I really didn't care what it looked like, more that it made its way out of the garage. He assured me it did.

Wednesday afternoon the girls and I had just gotten home from the park. I went across the street to get our mail when our neighbor flagged me down. She asked if I had lost my bird? Uhh, is that another way of saying losing my marbles? Does she think I am crazy? I snap to it and ask if this bird has big feet. "Sure does!" She says. Nope. Not mine. She says she is assuming it is a domestic bird because it was really friendly. It was hanging out in her garage and they even were able to feed it. She was certain someone was going to come running down the street looking for their lost bird. I told her that Brent shooed the same bird out of our garage a few days earlier. I told her she should buy a cage because it looked like she had a new pet bird to take care of. I also told her it would be a great companion for Dexter, her basset hound :)

Yesterday morning Brent got back from taking Mallory to preschool and when he came inside he proclaimed that the bird was back. Swell. I went to check this bird out and sure enough it was perched on top of the van. To me, he looked like a pigeon with big feathery feet. Odd looking bird. I came back inside and a few minutes later Brent followed. He assured me he shooed the bird away. I left for a doctors appointment. He left for work. I came home from the doctors appointment went inside and shut the garage door.

Do you know where this is going yet?

Later that day I left to go get Mallory from preschool. I opened the garage door, walked around the van and was almost struck in the head by the bird who decided to take flight 2 feet in front of me. I am pretty sure I said a few unrepeatable words. Apparently he wasn't out of the garage. He landed at the edge of the garage and driveway as it was pouring rain outside. I got a good look at his big feather feet and oddly looking self. He then made a few bird noises at me and then took off to perch on my neighbors roof.

I then text'd Brent: The bird wasn't out of the garage. Scared the ___ out of me.

Not a fan of birds in the garage. Nope.

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Aaron Mathison said...

Next time he visits maybe you can get a picture, sounds like a funny looking bird!