Monday, July 20, 2009

Who needs the sun anyways?

We sure don't. Nope. The Jovle's and the Eid's have realized that there is no point even hoping for nice weather when we take our annual trip to Sandy Lake. The odds seem to be stacked against us. Yet another annual weekend has come and gone and I am (even more) sorry to see this one go.

We started the weekend off on Friday with the Harry Potter movie. Then we headed up to the cabin to enjoy some (hopefully) nice weather, super yummy (but equally bad for you) food and, of course, lots of laughs. We woke up Saturday to a thick blanket of clouds, temperatures much more reminiscent of September then July, and a stiff breeze out of the north---which pulls across the lake straight onto our faces. Brrr, but yet we aren't at all surprised.

We headed into town for some coffee and cocoa and made even more then the best for the entire cold, cloudy, windy day. I have to apologize for my super great smile in the picture. My camera battery was on low and we told Justin to take the picture quickly. I guess I wasn't quite ready :)

We lite a fire by noon and kept it going until 10:30 that night. The boys clearly had a great time hunting and gathering for the perfect logs to put on the fire. At least we found something to keep them entertained :)

Justin was really proud of his big tree find.

Using an ax is so much more fun than a saw :)
Even though the saw would have made the job so much easier...

Now don't go thinking we sat on our butts for 10 straight not us. We did play a few games of ladder ball on the beach. But that is about it. I was determined to do as little as possible and I think I succeeded.

Sunday was forecasted to be beautiful, which it typical proves to be on the Jovle weekend. We tried to stretch as must sun and warmth into Sunday as we could before our lives needed to return back to normal...

When it was all said and done, I think we all agreed that the day spent in front of the fire, with less then ideal summer weather, was much more fun then a day filled with sun and heat. We have become pretty used to making the most out of the weather you are given and are still able to have a blast.

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