Monday, July 20, 2009

Just don't forget to hug her...

Mallory spent the weekend with my dad while we were at the cabin. He mentioned to me that she woke up Sunday morning really early and was upset that I had to go to the hospital. He reassured her that I wasn't at the hospital and that seemed to calm her down.

Last night when I was putting her to bed she stopped me in the middle of the book we were reading and said, "Mommy when I was at grandpas I woke up and I was real sad because I had a dream that you had to go to the hospital to have the baby and then the lady wouldn't let me hug you." I assured her I would hug her before I left (note to self: in between painful contractions, in the middle of the night, armed with hospital bag and full of fear as you embark on labor again, remember to hug your daughter). I then talked to her (again) about what is going to happen when I have to go to the hospital. She asked lots of questions; where will she stay, where will her daddy be, where will her Lucy be, will she get to come visit, will she be the first to hold the baby, will the baby poop on her...and so on. Did she get it? I held back tears as my first born tried to understand and accept what this baby thing is all about.

This morning Mallory and I went to get her haircut. She climbed up in the chair, after discussing what I wanted done, I went and sat down in the waiting area. The stylist asked Mallory how old she was ("3, but I have a birthday coming up soon!" hmmm January but we'll go with it) She then asked Mallory if she was excited about becoming a big sister.... And the conversation that followed had me fighting back tears at Great Clips.

M: Yes!
S: Is it a boy or a girl?
M: Girl, her name is Mikayla. (there it is blog readers. Her name. Mikayla Ann)
S: Ohh, that's nice. Are you going to be a big helper?
M: Yeah, I'm going to help with the diapers and the wipes and the baths. And when the baby comes out, Mommy will go to the hospital for 2 days and one day I will stay with Grandma Eid and then the other day my daddy will stay with me. Grandma Eid will bring me to the hospital and I will hold my new baby. Then! The next day we will go get Mommy and the baby and bring them home to our house!!

Both of the stylists looked at her and then me and I simply said, "I guess she gets it." All while trying to not sob like a baby.


Sarah said... it. Mikayla is already so lucky and she's not even born yet :) Mallory is going to be such a great big sis!

Amanda Jean said...

Awwww...Mallory is such a smart little girl. And I adore the name. It's beautiful!