Friday, June 26, 2009

Swimsuit Fun!

I've quickly realized the last week that when playing outside with Mallory, I am most comfortable near some sort of water. This of course means that I have to wear a swimsuit. Normally I am not one to draw many people who "check me out" while I am wearing a swimsuit. Usually there is nothing too exciting to see, that is until you add a big ol' baby belly. So now I am noticing some gazers. Oh well, take the looks while I can get them right?

Brent seems to think that the people looking are thinking "Wow. A teenage mom, pregnant again..." Funny Brent. Really funny.
Well despite the swimsuit issue. We have had tons of fun over the past week. I think my kid and her cousins are pretty cute in swimsuits. Check it out!


Sarah said...

Very cute pics and hilarious comment about looking like a teenage mom! Ha ha! After all the build up in the post - isn't only fair that blog followers get to "gaze" at a picture of your cute baby belly in a swimsuit?!?! Bring it...if you dare!

Lexie said...

I was so waiting for a prego swimsuite pic!!! Come on!

Amanda Jean said...

No fair! I was anticipating a witto baby bewwy swimsuit photo too!

False advertising.