Sunday, May 17, 2009

Flying a Kite

Brent thought (or the windshield repairman put the idea in his head) that Saturday would be a great day to fly a kite. Having never flown a kite, I let him lead the charge and off we went to Target in search of a kite. After spending $4.99 on a Sesame Street kite we left target and headed home for our adventure. Somewhere along the way Brent made the comment to me "Let's just hope she doesn't let go of the kite once its up in the air or we will be in trouble." "Ah," I said, "She'll be fine. We will just tell her not to let go of it..."
It took only minutes for Brent to put the kite together (thank goodness it didn't have wheels) and we were off to the backyard to fly Mallory's new kite. I stayed in the background, snapping a few pictures and watching. Brent got it up in the sky in no time, soaring in the breeze... Brent handed it off to Mallory and told her to "run!" and the kite continued to soar. The wind was so strong at times the kite pulled so hard that Mallory fell over.

When Mallory had enough she did exactly what Brent was afraid she was going to do...yep...she just let go. And away the kite went. Brent dashed after it, but not quickly enough, and the kite ended up wrapped around three of our neighbors trees. A week ago, with Brent in Oklahoma, this would have been the end of our kite experience. Mallory would have been in tears and I would have looked up at the tree(s) and declared the trees and the wind victorious and off we would have headed with our heads hung low.

Not anymore. Brent scaled two trees, used one of my moms extension grabbers, and was able to wrestle the kite down. Wow. Talk about a super cool dad (and husband for that matter). The kite was salvaged, not a scratch on it and Mallory was able to send into the sky, sure to hang on tight this time, and the afternoon was saved.

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