Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Spring Fun

We have nothing overly exciting to post about lately. We are just trying to be patient in counting down the (10) days we have left until we have Brent home.

We have been managing to pass the time doing some fun stuff.

On Saturday, my parents, Mallory and I walked in a 5K for Autism (the IT5K). I was able to catch up with some friends and made it the full 3.2 miles without needing Mallory to push me in her stroller!

We celebrated Olivia's birthday on Saturday afternoon. Mallory loves any sort of party, so she was in her glory. They also have a cat, which she loves, so that was fun for her as well.
I was able to get out with Kristen and Cari and shop a great (but overwhelming) book sale on Sunday. We finished our morning out with a super yummy lunch. (I still love food)

Big Big News on Monday! Brent passed his big final exam for training!! What kind of test, you may be wondering. Well a few weeks ago Brent told me about a conversation he had with one of his instructors. The instructor said "No matter how much you tell your spouse about your career as a controller (and I believe they also meant no matter how smart your spouse is) they will never fully grasp what it is that controllers do. So be patient and understand that they are trying to "get it" but they just won't." So, with that being said, I will do my best, keep it short, and tell you that the test was a simulation of controlling the airways. It tested your ability along with your potential. (Oklahoma Reader: stop rolling your eyes and shaking your head, I'm trying here...) He passed. He stays another 10 days and then he comes home. WAY TO GO BRENT!!

The rest of our days have just been spent enjoying the nice weather. If we try not to think of how many tomorrows we have (10, in case you didn't remember) the days seem to go by faster...

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