Thursday, April 30, 2009

What did you say?

Mallory and I were doing our weekly trip up and down the aisles of Rainbow yesterday. She had the grocery list and the blue highlighter as together we find what we need, and she crosses the item off the list. I know you are all thinking, what a clever idea! HA--yeah right, sure it is a great idea. However, I only do this so I can steer her away from the evil car carts...I hate the car carts.

Anyways, while we were searching the produce section for cherry tomatoes Mallory looks up at me and says, "Suck it up, mommy." UM excuse me? "Suck it up" she says giggling. This is not good, I think to myself. Wasn't I just getting cute smiley grins from all the elderly people shopping about. Surely if one of them heard her say something like "suck it up" they would most likely fall over or lose their dentures... Not wanting to call attention to what she said, hoping she was just seeing what my reaction was,
I ignored her comment and asked her to mark tomatoes off the list.

This must be where three year olds can turn from super fun and cute to obnoxious and not so cute in the matter of minutes...

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