Saturday, April 25, 2009

Five Feet Tall and Pregnant

So it goes like this. Five feet tall and pregnant. Baby belly growing all cute and round. Baby moves around and mom-to-be feels kicks and loves it. Makes mom-to-be smile. Mom-to-be has a few days of stretching tummy and knows a growth spurt is on its way and is worried that short little torso on 5 foot tall body may be running out of room. Mom-to-be wakes up one morning to find that babyTwo has found the comfy spot between stomach and ribcage. Yikes. It is going to be a long 15 weeks. Mom-to-be tells herself that this is her last baby and she will miss these feelings one day.

Then she puts her hand on her stomach and gently tries to massage BabyTwo into a different spot only to continue this process until August...

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Kristen said...

I think you need to post another belly pic to go along with this post. :)