Friday, April 24, 2009

Kiddo Feet

It has struck me over the past month or so how big Mallory is getting. Blame it on my growing belly, and the mental thoughts that surround the idea that she will soon be my oldest, or just blame it on the passage of time, which ages us all. On Easter Sunday, Brent and I were sitting on the couch and Mallory was playing with a few Easterbaskets. She was filling them up with all sorts of stuff from her playroom. She was still in her Easter dress and she had taken her tights off. That's when I noticed her feet. Besides her hands, they are the one thing on her that still look almost baby like. Now you may all think that I am crazy, gone off the deep end, call the loony bin, whatever... But I am just holding onto to the one thing that this, (getting to be a) big girl, still has that looks a little bit like it did when she was still a baby.

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Amy said...

what a cute picture! feet must stay small for a while for some babies...I feel like linnea's may be the same as 4 months ago when she was born. I am going to compare them on her footprints from birth soon!