Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Results are in!!!

The big unveiling was today! First and foremost, the baby is healthy and measuring right on track. Acrobats and all during the ultrasound, the tech was able to get us several fun pictures and was able to capture the all important photo. So with great excitement, I will tell you all that we will be bringing home a baby GIRL in August. Clear as day, she is all girl. We are thrilled that she is healthy and very excited that Mallory will get to experience the world with a little sister following her every move.

During Mallory's ultrasound she stayed pretty still and only stared at the camera so we walked away with all these pictures of an alien-looking baby. As soon as the tech put the camera on my stomach today the baby was doing the same thing...staring at us. In no time she began to move around and show us all sorts of funny poses. My dad and Brent's mom were along to experience it and, if I could read their expressions correctly, were pretty floored with the technology of the ultrasound.

We are going to have Brent call Mallory later today and tell her the news that she will be having a little sister. She has thought all along that it was a boy so we will see what she thinks of the news!

Enjoy the first photos (of many more to come) of our Baby Girl.

This one is a 20 week 3D shot. My dad keeps looking at the picutre in awe that she is so 'developed' at this gestational age. The bulge at the bottom is her little belly she must be arching her back to have such a buda belly--that is crazy! She still needs to fill out a bit, but for 1/2 way there its pretty cool!


Dustan, Mary and Reyce said...

Oh, I'm so excited for you guys, and especially Mallory! Having 2 little girls is heaven. Congrats again and hope to see you soon!

Sarah said...

Congrats!!! What a FUN day!! So happy for you all! Lucky Mallory - a real live baby doll to call her own :)

Amanda Jean said...

Oh my goodness! I have never seen a 3D ultrasound image! That's incredible!

Did you cry? I totally would have.

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! I've been anxiously awaiting for the end of the day so I could check in on the blog and find out about Baby Eid!